Sam as I wrote elsewhere: Like it or not, life and consciousness will go on, eternally. We are stuck with being who we are. This is determined by the choices we make--not by some external gods, or god.


The choice we have is this: We can choose to get things done and do the highest good for the highest number of people possible, or we choose to do evil.

To do so, in my opinion, we need three intrinsic factors available and ready to be utilized:

1. THE SOMA FACTOR--the physical and raw materials. You can't have a house without the materials to build it.

2. THE PSYCHE FACTOR--people with the skills needed to bring the materials together to design and build a house.

3. THE PNEUMA FACTOR--people with high moral, ethical standards and loving mental and spiritual attitudes.

Keep in mind that we must make the choice, yes or no.

We must not sit around and do nothing. We cannot remain neutral. Neutrality is the same as saying no. Saying no is the same as choosing hell on earth--one filled with physical mental and spiritual pain and suffering.

Meanwhile, most of us on this planet earth are living in a kind of self-imposed purgatory. No god put us here. We did it to ourselves; and many of us are still doing it.

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