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This is the kind of child-like question that is not really a proper question at all.
Unitheism teaches--and even the Bible agrees--that GOD is all things--plus that immeasurable and mysterious space-time continuum, into which all things, including the material universe, are expanding.

We're talking about God here, not GOD. According to the bible, did God create everything? I don't remember that part, only the part about him creating sea and fowl and what-not.

Maybe "God created everything" is just something that somebody made up later on without really thinking about the contradiction they were causing. It leads to the conclusion that God created himself (is that what Christians believe?), or that the claim is inconsistent with the Bible.

These honest answers are what you should be telling children who ask that. Not pulling the wool over their eyes with word games that leave them even more confused, but enhance your own image of superiority.


now empty space a very awesome, spiritual and GOD-like

That's often a consequence of not understanding something. If you studied it enough, it would become mundane just like the mundane way traffic rules work. Someone uninitiated might find it GOD-like and sprritual to see cars smoothly travelling through complex intersections without even touching each other, and all guided by independent drivers with their own personal motivations.

But now you're creating yet another meaning for GOD-like. This one doesn't mean people doing good things to each other, and it doesn't mean nature-on-steroids, it means one part of nature that's fascinating.

Anyway, am I ever going to get an explanation of how GOD is different from nature? Or how GOD-like (in the do-good sense) is related to GOD?