You really do have a distaste for anyone who might actually know the truth...
I do? You sure have that wrong. As I have said, often: I do not know you--or anyone for that matter in virtual land--well enough to develop any personal affection or distaste. My basic feeling when I try to read much--not all, some of it is OK--of your stuff is frustration at the lack of clarity. Sometimes I feel amused, in a strange way.

Take note: I am doing what Tolle--and he is not the only one--teaches: Be honest with yourself, with others about how you feel about them. It is OK to politely disagree, agreeably. Treat circumstances in a similar manner. I do not enjoy weather that is too hot or two cold; I prepare for it, take it for what it is, and move on. I do the same with my physical and mental health.

It is OK to tell others how you honestly feel about the way they come across, how they communicate, to you. If they are wise it could help them be better communicators.

It is OK to acknowledge that you feel annoyed, pain and the like, and do not enjoy it. Jesus certainly told it like it is. He was not soft on hypocrites. He was no Pollyanna--cheerful to excess and to the point of foolishness. He was no fraud.

BTW, why the whining all of a sudden? Do I not distinctly remember reading that you could take it. HMmmmmmmm!!!! Seems I misread you. Or did I?