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"Are you aware that, collectively, we are GOD?"

... Some may call it, as I heard a cleric say, evidence of god amongst us, I prefer to think it is just people doing what they do best-- looking out for each other in a time of great need and sorrow.

So you are "looking out for each other" and you don't call that Good, Orderly and Desirable behaviour? The police in our area have this on all their cars: "DEEDS SPEAK"--a rather godly motto, I say.

BTW, I don't imagine, think of, or speak of "a" god or "any sort of god" either. Why do atheists insist that unitheists do? Are they insisting on defining "god" for us? Either they choose not to understand, or find they it impossible to get their minds around this concept of GOD as not just a noun? Which is it? with you.

BTW 2: Neither do most theists think of God as an objective being out there, when they really stop to give it some non-egoic kind of thought--the kind of thought Eckhart Tolle extols on pages 95 and 96 of his book, A NEW EARTH--Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.

There are some who accuse ET of condemning thinking. He does not condemn, or judge, anything--including thinking. What he says about thinking is "be aware of it" without being trapped by your thinking--good of bad--without identifying yourself with your thinking.

ET is also accused of burying his head in the sand, of not facing the facts of life--a common judgment atheists make of all people who are religious. Right in the middle of page 96 ET writes: "Facing facts is always empowering." Without going into it now, he also makes some interesting points about dealing with the emotions and our feelings of happiness and sadness, which make a lot of sense to me.

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