ScpgO2, and Rede, do I take it that, unlike Wolfman, you are not just materialists, or atheists. That is, you are not among those who see the material world as the untimate reality.

Wolfman, feel free to correct me if I misread your stuff. And don't misunderstand me: I love the natural world, especially when it is behaving itself and giving us of it beauty and bounty. I am an advocate of ecology. I think of Nature as the body of GØD. BTW, Wikipedia has quite an article on Ø. It is common in Scandanavian languages. Check out what it says about its role in maths.

In my humble opinion, before there was the primordial ball, which became the BIG bang, there was what I call the Ø--the no-thing. That is, GØD in the micro. Compare it with the string theory.

Outside the billions of galaxies which we call the cosmos, the result of the big bang--15 billions of years ago--and subject of all the studies by all the sciences, there is also that which I call the Ø. But here it stands for the-everything--GØD in the macro; that which is beyond measure; and which boggles the human mind just to think about it.

BTW, Wolfman, I assume you are a happy, moral and positive atheist.
If so, why do atheists always avoid defining for me what they mean when they use the term 'God'?
What do you think I have in mind when I write, G Ø D?
I certainly do not have an objective male or female being in mind, one out there separate and apart from us.
BTW, why do atheists try to get unitheists to stop posting here?
Do we challenge atheism and materialism too much? After all, I see all of nature as part of GØD.

Again I ask: Can we live, physically, without breathing in the spiritual breath of life?

GØD is The One
I find myself at one with ALL around me.
I'm one with mother earth, with sky and sea.
I find myself at one with space and time,
And one with all pervasive gravity.

I feel GØD's power in every tiny atom;
I see GØD's face in galaxies above;
But best of all, I feel GØD's power within me,
The power of GØD's unifying love.

G~O~D--Now & ForeverIS:Nature, Nurture & PNEUMA-ture, Thanks to Warren Farr&ME AT