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Perhaps it is the use of the word God (or GOD)that leads to trouble. What would happen if we talked about the "Zero Point Field" or the "Omega Point", or something with a more scientific sound, instead?
Go ahead! Feel free to use one you like, or a variety. Jesus used his own special term. He used the Aramaic word, Abbawoon, meaning the source of all things. We translate it 'Father'.

Kallog commented to me: "Your so called GOD-non-person is actually the God of the bible."

Not really. In his book THE EVOLUTION OF GOD, Robert Wright makes the point that the idea of 'god' is not a static one--even in the Bible. Like everything else, it has evolved.

For example, the Hebrew Bible, which we call the Old Testament, uses a number of names for god. The very first verse of the Bible uses, Elohim--referring to "all the powers that be". As you suggest, Bill: a scientist could translate this as, "From Zero Point to Omega point".

In Genesis 2, Yahweh Adonai is used. YA was a kind of warlord who looked after his "chosen people' and helped them defeat their enemies and their gods. At times he is also depicted as a king. The idea of monotheism evolved quite late.

Kallog, you add: "That makes you just another irritating Christian." How about if I agreed with you? Would this help? laugh

BTW, Kallog, except for the fact that we agree that "GOD is Love (Agape)" and that we ought to love one another, despite our differences, Christians are far from having one mind. Is this what irritates you?
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