"Why would a God hypothesis give a meaning to life that was more relevant than the fact of life itself?...all life is it's own reason for being."

From the fact that life for you and me is "it's own reason for living" it doesn't follow that it is so for everyone, as you'll no doubt have noticed. It's very easy, surrounded by all the best material comforts and amenities that 21st century science and technology have to offer, to forget that there are more than a few others in the world whose view of certain harsh realities is less obscured.

Furthermore, very many people in the rich west also appear to find life without God to be an intolerable concept. Who are we, truthfully, to take a superior and frequently contemptuous tone in asserting that they are wrong and we are right?

I should point out that I'm refering to the unadorned 'Fred' concept here, not a system of beliefs involving blatant contradiction to established, provable fact.
"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Wheeler