"The phrase is meaningless in biological evolution. Individuals simply survive and pass on their genes. Not necessarily just the fittest, whatever that means in this context."

Never thought of it that way, good point. Before I beleived in Evolution, i thought "how come there are still apes if we are more 'fit' and survied down the tree of evolution?" But it is much more random and controlled, I have found.

Anyways, earlier today, I was at the library reading a biography of Darwin by his great-great grandson. (I forget his name, something Keynes or something to that extent). He argues, through Darwin family records and notes, that Darwin was largely influenced and conformed his theory after his daughter Annie died of sickness when she was ten (by then he had already been on the Beagle, but that sweetened the deal, says the biographer). It was his problem of pain that led him to develop his system of evolution. So perhaps Darwin himself beleived in "survival of the fittest."

Would that be a correct assertion anybody?