I did not read all of what Louismorelli had to say but I believe he was upset at the disparity of opportunity that there is between all of us on the planet. He then denies that there is a god and if there is he/she does not deserve his (morelli's ) respect and belief because of the amount of suffering there is in the world.

I agree that for greater clarity, he should use google translator, but I could not type anything at all in another language so I feel I should not criticise. I feel sympathy for his rage, but he has chosen his target badly in you, Rev, for many reasons. He assumes that your life has been without struggle and that you are now without doubt. He certainly can never have read your descriptions of your faith, which I must admit I do not always understand or appreciate, but I know that you are sincere and still exploring areas of faith and belief. I feel morrelli is searching for something and he is finding that questioning his own religious beliefs is very destabalising to him. I am at a loss as to why he singled out you to personally attack. Perhaps he just does not like any person whom he feels represents the authority of the church, ...any church.

Personally I feel that the post does not relate to you personally. I only know you from this site but you are sincere in your beliefs and always open to dialogue with others who do not share them. Also I have never seen you indulge or provoke a personal attack on anyone here. morelli has the wrong guy I think.

That said I do think that the subject of his post--- Why does god allow suffering ?-- is a valid one to debate, though maybe not here.