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So is it something like this?: Evolution is part of GOD. Evolution leads to good things. So doing good things is being GOD-like?
Of course! But, because we are conscious beings this gives us the ability to have free-will. We are free to choose to be vicious DOG-like (diabolic, ominous and gruesome-kind of beings) or we can choose otherwise.

IMO, Unlike animals, human beings are not just puppets of our DNA--puppets dancing on the strings of our heredity and environment--nature and nurture--unless we choose to be so.
A weakness in that is that evolution doesn't necessarily lead to good things. Evolution created people's desire to do bad things.

Wouldn't it be equally fair to say that bad things are part of GOD, therefore being GOD-like means doing bad things? We should all try to be as un-GOD-like as possible so we can retard the evolution of bad qualities in people.
Good idea, if it works. But I doubt it.
What else can there be besides nature?
LOTS! in my opinion.
Such as?
The total universe.
OK, sure. But how is that connected with GOD?

In an infinite number of ways.
More examples, or clarification, please.
OK, tell us what you know about holograms and holography. Then we can chat further.

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