As I understand it, you believe that atheists deny an essential linkage of themselves with "the holy spirit" . This necessity you advocate is an a priori for "existence".

The problem with that view is that it is little different from "vitalism" which according to Maturana has no explanatory significance in biology even in his own "non-reductionist" system. Maturana is not averse to "holistic leanings" (indeed his system has been taken up by the ecology movement), but his view of "life" as "nested systems of autopoietic structures" requires no further explanatory elements than those found in Prigogine's work on the spontaneous complex structures naturally arising in dynamic chemical systems. The occurence of such structures are generally predicted from the mathematics of "chaos theory", but like the decay of radioactive elements, precise details cannot be forseen.

Thus, concepts like "the holy spirit" have no epistemological value and their ontological status would seem to rest on wish fulfilment.