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The Ignore Button- to press or not to press!

I am still ignoring Tutor Turtle ... It is his/ her right to contribute as he/she wishes, as it is mine to not read it, or even want to read it.

Believe me it took a lot to make me press that ignore button... But the best thing to do to a person having a tantrum is to ignore them.

It's all a matter of perspective isn't it.
...No one can make us do anything unless we decide they have something in them that can sway our own sensibility.
It's all about our ability to maintain control, or I should say to protect ourselves from the fear of losing it.

Good for you, Ellis! You have faced the facts, as recommended by Tolle--an expert on how the ego operates--and you have dealt with them, in love.
BTW, I wonder why TT, and some of the anons are afraid of losing control.
They must have powerful egos It is much more fun when we EEO--ease egos OUT. smile

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