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...Are you naturally prejudiced toward certain approaches to spiritualism if they don't fit within your liking?

You seem to be emphasizing your glory in using the ignore button and it would appear you are seeking some kind of validation to that effect.
Not true. I have faced the fact that trying to read and digest "incredibly long, turgid and dogmatic tracts"--ILTADT, for short--as Ellis calls them, is a waste of precious time. How I deal with my ego, of which I am fully aware, is my responsibility. Now, please assume your responsibility for dealing with yours.

Or would you prefer that the moderators to do it for you?
BTW, I still take a quick peek at the ILTADT. If I find a pearl, I will acknowledge and try to disencumber it. Peace!

Judging what you see as turgid dogmatic and difficult to understand is your belief and opinion. Being that it is shared by another does not validate it as absolute truth any more than a majority of people believing the world is flat
Bringing up the idea that there are people being ignored in the links you put up, is the declaration of your opinion, not of the unbiased quality of the information in the link should someone else decide to view it with an open mind, or possibly a different perspective.
Yes you are thinking that you are taking responsibility for your ego as you are capable of understanding it, and when measuring it against another.

Someday maybe the idea you espouse In GØD all that is exists. In GØD , we all live, move and have our being will have a different meaning. And instead of trying to separate the God you idealize from the God you reject in your experience of yourself and others, you will all come together in the greater experience of Unity

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