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I tried making it easier by breaking them down into more simple, specific questions...
Simple questions?

GOD-TALK WITH CHILDREN--great fun, if done sincerely and honestly

My oldest son was born in 1958. His sister was born in 1956. When he was almost six, one day he asked me about god. What an opportunity to have a chat.

THE CHILD-LIKE MIND TENDS TO THINK LITERALLY--and ask child-like questions, which is OK!

I began by explaining: "As you grow older, you will get to know more." I told him, as I told his older sister, the same thing I told them about Santa Claus: "God is not a person up or out there." I said, "Begin by thinking of god as inside me, you, others and everything.

Quizzically, he looked at me and asked: If I cut you open, would I see god? As we continued to talk, I chuckled.

Over the years, I said the same thing to all who asked me, including my five congregations, my children, my grandchildren, the people who heard my broadcasts or read my columns. Long before Richard Dawkins wrote his book, The GOD Delusion, I had got rid of the delusion and I encouraged others to do likewise. I also encourage the asking of child-like questions, which, as art are often quite interesting and complex.

I am also reminded of the story of the bright and curious child who asked the minister: If God made everything, who made God?

This is the kind of child-like question that is not really a proper question at all. It implies there is a specific answer, which is a false implication. Child-like questions simply prompt an infinite series of questions with an infinite series answers.

It is like asking: Which came first? The bird? Or the reptile? Or the egg? To some questions there are no concrete answers, yet.

... but that didn't help.
Meaning what?
Without answers, your entire religion reduces to "I recommend that people be good to each other".
Do you have a problem with helping people be kind and good to one another--the main goal of healthy religion?
My religion?
Unitheism, like theism, is not a religion, it is a philosophy/theology. And, BTW, it highly recommends the Golden Rule--Simply be kind and good to one another. Do you have a problem with that?
Wouldn't it be a kind of heaven on earth if everyone did just that?
Are there any atheists who say that the Golden Rule is nonsense and was created by the founders of an evil religion?

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