TNZ, I see you agree that evil is evil, regardless of the source. Good for you! It seems you, also, agree that atheists have no supernatural substitute for their cause. In other words, they have no invisible means of support. smile Sad, eh?

But seriously: As I understand it, individual atheists believe that they have no future beyond their personal deaths. I presume that you, also, believe this to be true for all atheists, collectively speaking, right?

If this IS true, what does atheism have to offer anyone about the future?

Nothing, just a dead end.

If atheism is a fact, the reward to those who live short and miserable lives is even less. It seems to me that atheism is a hopeless philosophy of life. Not much fun, if you ask me.

In addition, if atheism is a fact, there is no reason to blame atheists who become criminals and who decide to look after number by taking advantage of others in order to get the most out of life for themselves, now. What have aatheists got to lose by being immoral?

On the other hand, unitheism/panentheism, and other forms of theism, may prove to be false; but if they are false, no one, not even they, will ever know, right?

However, if they are proved true, think of the fun believers are going to have with non-believers, in any future life there happens to be.

BTW, if there really is a life in the future, I hope to see many atheists there. Seriously, I promise to accept you as you are, and not make fun of your lack of optimistic faith, okay? smile

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