Ready writes--I presume with tongue in cheek: "But, TFF, those tools are central to the rhetoric. Now, according to the above, you've evidently chosen "not to be" and are therefore in "hell", so just be a good atheist and admit to your spiritual, moral and ethical inferiority.

That's the proposition, is it not? - or perhaps I misunderstand the condescending, self-righteous, holier-than-thou forum preachers."

If you are referring to me, yes, you do, misunderstand. I do not think of myself as one of, "...the condescending, self-righteous, holier-than-thou forum preachers" any more than I think all atheists are immoral, closed-minded and dogmatic bigots.

BTW, where did I write, or even imply, that atheists are morally and ethically inferior to me? Or that I am a holier-than-thou preacher?

To any atheist: With the understanding that you have the right to remain silent, let's clarify things above by asking the following:

In my opinion life is about making choices.
Atheists, I presume you choose "to be" and to live in the now, okay?

But what is your choice regarding living beyond the death of your body?

If, around the time of your death, you were given the choice, would you actually prefer eternal death--that is, non-existence, an eternal dreamless and visionless unconsciousness of the self, and oblivion in the minds of others?

Or, would you choose something else? Given the opportunity, would you like to go on consciously exploring future possibilities? Would you like to be around in the year 3000, and beyond?

BTW, I do not think of "hell" as a place of eternal punishment. I suspect that many people are living in a kind of hell, right now, on this earth. I am willing to do all I can, to help people get out of this kind of hell. And I am willing to work with moral and ethical atheists. I have no time for cynics and hypocrits, of whatever brand.

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