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...I've consistently found that the main weapon used by supporters of religion is to keep shifting the goalposts. You can't hold them to anything that they may not be able to squirm out of once the going gets tough.
I take no pleasure out of putting anyone in the position where they feel they have to squirm. That would be too mean, don't you agree?

BTW, as I understand it, honest scientists do NOT work from fixed-theories either, right? It seems to me that they always keep their options open for new information. Only dishonest ones fudge the facts to make them fit in with their theory.

BTW 2, you forgot to acknowledge that I did say I DO take positions on certain things. For example, blatant immoral and unethical behaviour is never an option, for me.

Until someone one can present me with the evidence--and I am willing to keep an open mind--I refuse to think of GØD anthropomorphically--that is, I refuse to attribute human forms or qualities to GØD, God, gods or things. Very few thinking religionists--Ffrom all the world religions--really think of God in a human-like form. Such is a form of idolatry. Perhaps atheists make the mistake of thinking that all theists believe in physical or mental idols. Do you?

BTW 3, there are many statements in the Old Testament, about God, which indicate that some of the Old Testament writers thought anthropomorphically. For example, Genesis describes "Him" as walking in the Garden of Eden and talking to Adam and Eve.

Check out Exodus 32:14."So the Lord changed his mind and did NOT bring on his people the disaster he had threatened." In 1 Samuel 15:11 God said to Samuel, "I am sorry that I made Saul king; he turned away from me and disobeyed my commands."

BTW 4, just because I quote the OT does not mean that I take it literally. Much of the Bible is metaphoric.

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