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Cosmology and the God Station.

First question: Where is The God Station ?
There are two answers:
a) in Infinity , and b) in everything.
So, what Infinity is....
The spacetime of Vacuum T=0K is infinite parameter.

... So, The God Station is hiding in Kingdom of Coldness: T=0K
Socratus, I like and LOVE it!!! I do not pretend to understand the maths of what you wrote, but I think I get the principle idea.

In the NOW, this helps me understand more of what I feel Eckhart Tolle means when he speaks of the mind (psyche) and of how important it is for us, as spirits (pneumas) to be AWARE of what the body (soma) and the mind (psyche) are up to.

As I understand it, the mindpsyche is the source of our yes, no, and don't know to what is and experience. Instead of God Station, I use GOD--the Good, Orderly and Desireable.
IMHO, GOD is hiding in the coldness, including the chaos! I like it.

As I see it, our role, as humane, not just human, beings is to approach this coldness and chaos with the warmness of a rational faith, a positive hope and and a joyful love, originating in the Spirit (pneuma). Elsewhere I have added to Einstein's famous formula as follows: E=mc2 + ( F+ H) x L

BTW, using a simple hypnotic process it is possible to measure the FHL level of any individual. I have done it. I understand brain scanning can now be done to help us observe changes in areas of the brain (soma) having to do with character--a more effective lie detector perhaps?

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