You are of course correct Bill S. I should have described the Reformation as the most influential or divisive of the schisms, which it was, as for the first time worshippers who broke away were able not only to directly address their god without a priestly intermediary but also they were able to use their own language not that of the church (Latin). These were two of the most important changes in the history of religious dogma as it helped to destroy much of the influence of church power. Mind you the Nicene Creed WAS fairly important too!

Orac- As Bill S says I actually do not believe in God. Unlike you I have never struggled with this decision. I knew as a child I did not believe in the supernatural in any form. I did however have an unusually solid grounding in the doctrine of the (protestant) christian faith, and since then I have enjoyed researching other religions. You may find that your quest ends in a similar way. Enlightenment has many possibilities and knowledge can lead to unforeseen destinations.