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... but the next logical step is not infinity = divinity. (Neat huh! I must remember that!!!)

And, Bill, Please please, please BELIEVE me ... Atheism is not a belief. We are all born atheists ... on our own terms.

Atheism is actually an absence of belief in the divine in all its manifestations. ...
Does this mean: Atheists do not believe in having a belief, about anything?
Rev--Can maths prove infinity or eternity?
No, it just assumes it is so. Like me, I assume GOD (the infinite macrocosm), or G0D (the infinite microcosm) is what IS--not as a supernatural being separate and apart from what is. Using my ability to will, or to chose, that which is good I simply will and choose to connect with, or tune into, and to do that which is best for all concerned, including me.

Ellis, you are right: GOD, as being, like existence itself, is there as self-evident being, whether, or not, we believe it or not.

when I simply make the choice to get personally involved in doing that which is good, orderly, desirable--that is GOD-like--and socially useful, good things tends to happen. As more and more people choose to get involved good things tend to happen throughout the whole of society.

All I can say is: This works for me. Try it, you'll like it.

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