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Kallog and Ellis: Do I detect that, spiritually speaking, you are pessimists? Is this a characteristic prevalent among atheists and agnostics?

'Spiritually'? You mean 'emotionally'?? I wish you'd be more direct in your writing. I said your message was wrong because I'm irritated by claims that something is true simply because it would feel nice if it were.

However, you're partly right. I am pessimistic about ideas that look like they aren't going anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if most athiests/agnostics are pessimistic about religions.

I'm very optimistic about ideas that do seem to be going somewhere. Not sure what dog breeding has to do with nature-GOD, but even that gives me hope every day I see someone with a fancy dog - hope that in the future we'll have even better dogs. I'm generally very optimistic about almost everything, everything that actually holds some promise.