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Mr. Revlgking,
May I ask a question, if you understand my non-native English? ...

... On your belief, there is an intelligent and watching everything “god”. And that god should be our spiritual father. If so, he better do that I don’t reach him, never, because I would sock his face.
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Should put him into a prison for eternity. Because he should be at my eyes, a monster. Because a father that abandoned, and worst, tortured, his sons is a monster.

Knowing that since my childhood, I had controlled my instincts, like the sex, for never risking to make a new human being for living this terrible existence. So, we have different views about what must be a father.

Why, you, as a father, agree that your son and daughter must be tortured due their mistakes?
Tortured with cancer, HIV, misery, climate tragedies, sometimes in the mouth of horrible lions, etc.?!!!

How can you watching these scenes, which to me should be unsupportable?!!! You are a monster, sir, I think it, sorry.

No matter what kind of mistakes my offspring could do, I never should agree and permitting this kind of punishment with torture.

And you accept it, so, sorry, I think you, as religious, theist and creationists, are like monsters. It justify the human behavior as predators of other human beings.

The Earth’s biosphere is a creation in a chaotic state of nature. I learned it very well living at the heart of Amazon jungle, watching the principles of nature.

We, human beings are sons of chaos. The chaos produces these things as predators and prays. So, the human social system is shared between predators and prays. I understand it. But…

I think that we should to make a war against our absurd natural inheritance, against the animal that still live inside us.

I think we need wish to be something else, more powerful than matter, more elegant, don’t mirroring our samples and copying the salvage world, searching the another state of nature for our offspring, the ordered state.

But, while there are predators and people that are friends of our fundamentals enemies – like your ghost irresponsible and not human “god” – instead being only Humanist, doing everything possible for helping each human being to reach a better life, the chaos state and our animal tracts, remains.

That’s why I think yours ideas and world vision also are the cause for the suffering of at least 6 billion persons.

What do you have to say, if I deserve your response?
Louis, please note: Above, I quote your comments--in short paragraphs--so that they can be read easily. Are the comments to and about me?

Louis: I assume you speak Portuguese, right? Please note: Google.com will translate most languages.
You ask me: "What do you have to say ... ?

I begin with the question I asked above: Are you writing to and about me? Unless I have lost my mind, nothing you say, to me and about me, relates to me and to what I know and think about myself.

Bill S, Bill, Redewenur, Ellis, others I have known and our moderators: What is your opinion?
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