You are assuming that no one was there. Science does not have all the answers and the ones it does have are woefully inadequate and constantly in need of updating.

And certainly being a priest or atheist matters a great deal in terms of understanding the point of view of the individual making observations and statements.

While we as individuals are limited to our own personal experiences, it is quite possible that some kind of intelligence existed at the time of the big bang and that we are just ignorant of how to communicate with it at this point of our evolution.

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question: Who, or what, was there that generated the first egg, or atom?

Why are religious people always trying to clutch onto scientific theories that seem to fit into their made-up beliefs? Just accept that a made-up belief has no need to find any connection to the real world - that's why you have freedom to make it up in the first place!

Nobody was there! If you suspect a person or some alien might have been there at the big bang, then you also need to give similar weight to the possibility that a bicycle was there. Maybe we need to ponder what color bicycle it could have been, as well as the name of the creature riding it. See how silly it is to just make things up?

It really means nothing that Lemaitre was a priest and Hoyle an atheist. You love throwing empty words around to try to fool people don't you? I find that preference for word games over understanding to be a bit off-putting. The part about trying to fool people is very disgusting, especially when the reader is disarmed by jokes and a pleasant personality.