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Obviously I agree with you, since what I pointed out was blindingly obvious!
Thanks for the "blindingly obvious" post, Ellis. We need more like this!

BTW, have you ever changed your mind about anything? For example, I used to think most economists and market analysts knew something about what they were doing. My present opinion is: They about as useful as weather forecasters in an area with two seasons--wet and dry. The way they speak and write is usually dry, and their content is usually all wet! laugh

BTW 2: Speaking of weather: How's the weather where you live? I understand the weather in Australia is getting closer to the kind they have in hell. Would you like some Canadian snow and ice?

Because we are on north side of the ocean-like Lake Ontario, Toronto is usually spared the amount of snow which falls about an hour's drive north, and west, of us, including Buffalo, New York. Also, we usually have a January thaw. No so this year.

Since mid-December, in Toronto we have had one snow fall after another, with temperatures going to -20 degrees Celsius, and below. Today, we have a reprieve: It is sunny and almost +10 C. laugh

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