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clearly, that the asking of too many rhetorical questions ( not really questions at all)--one after the other--is not the best way to encourage the sharing of ideas.

No, they were not rhetorical questions. They're certainly hard questions. But how about an honest "I don't know or have any possible idea".

The only consistent thing I've picked up about GOD is that it isn't a physical object or non-physical being, but that it is composed of everything in the universe, and some more beyond.

With only that to go on, GOD is indistinguishable from "everything". So coming back to my earlier suggestion. How about just drop the confusing name and call it "nature"?

I really do hope for some idea as to why GOD isn't the same as nature. But if you find you can't do that, then you really should be thinking a bit more critically whether the idea has any merit at all.

Maybe the traditional Gods with their excess baggage do actually serve a useful purpose. Maybe you're stripped off the good parts as well as the bad and just left a dead core.