I usually ask friendly atheists questions like the following:

1. Do you like, and try to live you life by, the Golden Rule?

2. Do you try to live your life, to best of your ability, as a moral, ethical and a lovingly-humane person of good will?

3. Do you enjoy it when others reciprocate your good will?
KG, How would you answer the questions above?

BTW, as I understand good religions--and I do have fellowship with a variety of them, which I visit from time to time--here is what I hear the good ones tell people:

1. Give agape-Love to God--as you, in good conscience, understand what the god-concept is all about.

2. Love others and love yourself.

3. Respect and keep the laws of the land, or be ready to pay the price for breaking them.

Bad religions?

They are religions with too many rules and not-very-bright clergy--the brain-washing kind, who act as though they want to control people--ones that act hypocritically--ones which say,"Do what I say, not what I do!"; ones that use what are, in my opinion, boring rituals.

Also IMO, there is nothing better than a good reason-based sermon--one that is challenging, thought-provoking and action-inspiring, delivered by an artistic and exciting speaker. Yes, there are some.

What do I do about bad religions? I do what many today are doing,I vote with my feet.

The great man of science, Rene Decartes famously said, "Je pense donc je suis..."--I think, therefore I am. From there he went on to describe his religious faith.

Thanks, Rene! May I put it this way?

My religion is not about believing in a creed--a belief in a god who is separate and who lives somewhere up, or out, there. It is not about having a set of rules and regulations, or a set of rituals. My religion is deed-based, not creed-based.

In other words, my religion is not based on believing in a supernatural being commonly called 'God'. It is an expression of who and what I truly am--deep within my heart.

As a human and humane person, my religions is what I think, learn, know, understand, believe-in and what I choose--to the best of my ability--to do about it, in the service of my fellow human beings and the earth upon which we live together.
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