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AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Maybe "god" is a dog that walks backwards because that spells "dog" too!
Dyslectics have the same problem. When they have insomnia they worry about if there is one, all night laugh

But seriously, Ellis, chaos is simply G.O.D. in the making.

In my opinion, the only real atheists are those who reject all that is good, ones who have no qualms about being selfish and evil. They live as though Reality is incapable of evolving eternally and infinitely into beaautiful Being.

Atheists who accept and live by the principle that goodness and order are possible, IMO, are not a-theists; they are non-theists, as am I, Bishop John Shelby Spong and other like thinkers.

Most positive atheists have in mind the same "God" as do fundamentalists. "He" is a human-like supernatural and dimensional being who exists and created us. This is why they keep asking theists for evidence. BTW, self-existent Reality, Being as IS, is all the evidence untheists need.

IMO, if there was such a fundamentalist god he would be an idol.
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