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... Atheism is a lack of belief-- pure and simple. I do not believe that there is a supernatural realm anywhere, any variety. This is it-- reality!
So Ellis is an asupernaturalistist. But she does not exclude being a takeactionist
Sounds very unitheistic to me.

My lastest revision of GOD-and-the-supercomputerstory

There was once a brilliant computer scientist. He was also a reluctant agnostic, if not an atheist. His father was a theologically conservative minister, who had a child-like and an unquestioning faith in a supernatural God. Despite their differences the father and son got along well. They loved and respected each other. Their debates were always friendly ones--more like dialogues.

One day, he phoned his father:

"Dad, Voltaire once said that if God did not exist, we would have to invent him." Well, Dad, I think I have finally done just that--I mean that I have created an infallible, all-knowing and all-powerful computer. Come and check it out."

"What!!! What are you talking about, son?" his father asked, in amazement.

"Let me put it this way: I feel I have put together what I hope is a god-like computer. Furthermore, it is voice-activated. Anyone who can think and talk will find it easy to operate. No matter what question you or I ask it I am sure it will give us the information we need to know.

The son, loved his father. He simply questioned his father's child-like faith. "Dad" he said, "Come and test it for yourself.

The father, who loved his son, agreed. I'll be at your place in about an hour."

Sure enough, no matter what question the son, or the father--who was well-read in philosophy, science, history, the Bible, theology, even mundane subjects, such as sports--asked the computer it gave the right answer.The father was very impressed.

After a silent pause he said,

"Son, you know I have always been a man of faith, but I must confess that there have been times when even I have had my doubts as to whether or not there really is a God who pays attention to us and our prayers. The death of your brother last year despite all those prayers of your mother and I and the church, was especially troubling to me, as, I am sure it must have been to you."

Delighted to hear his father's humble confession, the son replied:

"Okay Dad, now is our chance to find out. Why don't we ask the computer? Better still: Why don't you go ahead and pop the question?"

After a long pause, screwing up his courage, the father, got on his knees in front of the computer and, gingerly in a gentle and humble voice, he asked: "Infallible computer, please ... I hope it is not too bold for us to ask you ... to tell us:
"Tell us, Is there a one true God--one all-loving Heavenly Father who hears and will answer all our prayers?"

Immediately the computer turned into a pink cloud. It filled the whole room with a glorious light. And out of the cloud came a strong and beautifully resonant and god-like voice:


You know! Perhaps a thousand years from from now, when we wake up and have enough brilliant, moral, ethical and loving human beings we will be able to create such a computer and, collectively, build the kind of peaceable kingdom on earth--or should it be a republic?--we all yearn to have.
The above is my version of a story I heard somewhere. Does any remember coming across the person who first told a similar story?
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Like the great Carl Jung, I do not believe there is a god called God; I know G0D (G zero D) as all that is--physically mentally and spiritually.