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But seriously TT, except for your posts here, I do not know you all that well. But, pardon me for expressing what I think and how I feel about some of your posts:

No apology necessary. Expressing from emotion and lack of knowledge is always revealing in the process of growth and evolution.
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When you keep on telling me and others what we should, must and ought to believe to be true you give us the impression that you are a guru wannabe. I hope that this is not true and that, unless you want to stifle dialogue, your future posts will reflect that you are not.

If you are certain of what reality is and certain that I am what you say I am then there would be nothing other than that to be real.
If I have a different experience then we have within reality two clashing realities that are real.
Obviously if there is a Truth it couldn't possibly clash with itself, something would have to give and that would be any illusion that would be labeled as truth but in fact is not.

You might have to ask yourself if it is possible for someone to know the Truth. Also how would you recognize that person and the Truth of which that person lives if it clashed with your truth?

We all from the ego make projections of the truth and from those projections try to protect what we have and know so that nothing can take what little we have.
If There is a Universal truth not fabricated by the illusions of the ego, then it cannot be destroyed, only ignored.

How hard we fight for our egoic truth is a good indicator of how little we know about our truth and also how fragile it is.
Truth that cannot be destroyed remains in and amongst all the comings and goings of relative truths, and one who finds Truth cannot be so intimidated by any relative truth, or by anyone with a relative truth.
All dialogue is subject to interpretation.

You see everything that comes to you as you want to see it.
Unless you are anchored in the One Truth you won't be able to see it any other way.

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Obviously I cannot tell you to your face what I think of you, so here I will simply ask: Would you please limit you comments here to your opinion on the topic--your philosophy of religion, your goals, dreams, ideals and the like.

But Rev. You always do that for me. So what's the problem?
You tell me what you think of me and you limit everything I say to my opinion. That has been how you dialogue with me.
Why doesn't this choice of yours make you happy?
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Sure, opinion offered with respect is always worthy of respect. It is okay for you to say, politely, how you feel about what I--Tolle, or anyone--write. The same is true about what I say about myself, about how I live from day to day, about my family, church, community; my reputation, what I fear and don't fear--things, BTW, which you keep to yourself--which, if this is your choice, is OK by me. I happen to be the curious and open-faced type.

I have great respect for you Rev. It just doesn't come from the ego nor is the respect for the ego.

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But the freedom to opine, does not give anyone the right to admonish and judge others; to tell anyone what they should and ought to be, fear and do. Let me, as I do you, deal with my ego in my own time.

Does that mean you want to withdraw from telling me who or what I am, how I or anyone should dialogue, and allow others to deal with their ego in their own time?
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BTW, speaking about dialogue: I would like to encourage Iehe to stay involved, and for others to get involved. Let us not allow any new poster to get killed in the crossfire of what I feel--notice the word I use--is a duel between a couple of defensive, egotistic windbags.

I think you just need to look beyond the identification of your ego Rev and bring the Now into focus so that you can actually experience God happening. Then you won't need to spend so much time trying to moderate your world, and actually begin to live in it but not of it.
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Or, perhaps you would you like to ask the moderators for an opinion.

About what?
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