I believe that you have determined that I am verbose. You made mention of it at brain-meta.
post Jun 26, 2008, 08:45 PM

BTW, Science-agogo is about the sciences, and NOT-QUITE-SCIENCE:

To the Golden-Rule post, Ellis, a lady from England responded:

"Nice Golden Rule video Rev, though I would not include the American oath thing myself as it includes a reference to the Creator. I think the only one to do so. Isn't it amazing that since humans have been able to communicate philosophical thoughts this one idea has had such resonance. It really must seriously mean something basic for all of us. Well, I can hope so!"
Tutor Turtle, a verbose poster from Oregon added:
"The reference to the creator or to God, has a rather huge resonance also

What are my intentions?
Purely to enjoy myself.
Not to label or pass judgment on people by habit of self made systems of measure, is just the byproduct of my demeanor.

By the way, I think you pass judgment rather easily, and by doing so miss the content of a lot of what is said.

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