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Does that mean:
The populace believes creationism does "lineup with scientific discoveries today?"

Do you normally think this way or are just sarcastic because your bored?

Scientists can be skeptical but then the majority of the population aren't skeptical enough to closely examine the things that are labeled as scientific, and often act like lemmings, following a lead even if it ends up at the bottom of a ravine after a long fall over a cliff.

Hiya TT,
It's a sad comment I suppose, but I do normally think this way.
I wrote that above, fully in the "spirit of dialogue;" but it's nice to know a hint of sarcasm can come across. smile
I like to think that I make people think.

I'd wondered if the 'cloudten' text had yet to be edited; it so surprised me by saying the opposite of what I'd expected.

Was it ~300 points to prove... ...and this is about ID, correct?
Is there a particular point, or family of points that you feel are especially strong and compelling?
I'd be happy to share a scientific wonk-type perspective, or give a critique, if you'd be interested.