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You state: "there is no universal meaning of existance or metaphysical explanation that will meet the cultural, social and psychological demands of every human being." -bfp
I sure know what you mean about cultural universality, but....

...but devolving from your original question, 'why ask?' you write:
"...and the general form of this question arises: 'what is the ultimate purpose/meaning of life?" -bfp

I'd argue that there is nothing but Information in the universe.
Meaning is everywhere (as life chooses to create it out of the Information available).

Finding "Meaning" allows life to maintain homeostatis and evolve, while maximizing entropy.

p.s. ...also bfp writes: "i think that the general category of 'religious/spiritual faith' is not the same as 'faith between people' which still, is not the same as 'faith in one's perception/understanding.' "
...yep; can't argue with that.

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