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Recently (Feb. 12, 07), The http://www.globeandmail.com (Canada's daily paper) carried the story of Harvard professor Nima Arkani-Hamed. BTW, Dr. Arkani-Hamed began his education in maths and physics in a high school in North Toronto, not far from where I live.

The G&M reported that he, recently, gave a mind-bending lecture at Waterloo University, Waterloo, Ontario, on The Future of Fundamental physics. He and a group of like-minded mavericks are saying things like: "The scientific community is on the brink of a real revolution in the understanding of physics...Our entire universe could be this tiny, miniscule speck of nothing in this giant multiverse...our vast universe may be but one of billions, each governed by its own physical laws."


Interestingly, Charles Ledger, the math teacher who started Professor Arkani-Hamed on this creative approach to problem solving was present at the lecture. Years ago, he dubbed the program, not found in the regular texts, Spirit of Math.

The Spirit of Math inspires students to seek answers on their own, not by rote, and is clearly achieving positive results. It stretches the imagination, of those who want to be involved, to the limits.

For some of the practical applications of this kind of maverick thinking check out information of the:

LARGE HARDON COLLIDER mentioned in the G&M story.


May I suggest that this is the kind of approach we need to take to all kinds of human problems, including political, economic and social/spiritual problems, which need to be solved.

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