Did you make a joke there in the Re: window?

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LOL if I disagree with you I am nasty, a troll or a malcontent ... sorry I don't agree with your view it's not a crime. I have done nothing to attack you personally, I just can't follow your logic.

You're the one that started in with the proletariet stuff.

You present ideas of how the Pyramids were built with no evidence and that is fine with you.

There is hardly evidence as to how the pyramids could have built. Many of my ideas use this lack of evidence, wait for it, as evidence.

If I suggest that the people may have been treated a certain way with no evidence

And there ya go.

All I am doing is forcing you to face the reverse of your argument and hence you must prove it.
How many friggin times to I have to say that this is not necessarily how it was done. This is The WAY I Would Do It (twiwdi)

It is what all good scientists do, because the easiest person to fool is yourself.

I've moved too many safes and vault doors to have to proove anything to myself.

It isn't me you are getting upset at

It was your politics and all men have always been oppressed that gets me upset.

I was struggling to work out, if you are genuinely trying to to discuss ideas or just trying to preach some crazy unfounded idea at us.[quote]

Struggle away.

[quote]I am an atheist for both religion and politics, they are both jokes which groups of people try to palm off as necessary.

There ya go again.
I am about as likely to go to a political forum as a religious one.

I am not sure why you think I care about some vodka swilling riff raff, any more than I care what the good old USA does or doesn't do ...[/quote}

You certainly had plenty to say about America yesterday.

[quote]I promise I won't comment anymore unless you directly ask something to me.

Sure, just how much did you pay for a muffler?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?