What? No "way to go Marchimedes, nice job gettin 100,000 views there" or nuttin?

Man, what a bunch of stiffs. you'd think this site gets a 100,000 view thread everyday, is it any wonder I had to throw my own party? And you know how shy I am and all. Does this site have many 100,000 viewss threads?

Does this site have 100,000 views on any page?

It tell ya, a guy friggin busts his hump day and night and this is the thanks I get? I mean would buying me a beer friggin kill ya? Maybe a nice card or sumpin? A plaque? A PM telling me I don't suck? Have you been to other science sites? Seen what they have? I tell ya what they don't have...Marchimedes. (So they always ban me, doesn't count)You could go there and taunt them, "na na na na na, you don't have any 100,000 view threee-eads, we do and you don't". And then link to here.

This is an advertising dream. Or as I like to call it "smackvertising".

I think you should make me an honorary moderator or sumpin. You know, put "hero moderator" under my name. Don't actually give me mod powers or anything, but let me say I'm a mod, chicks dig that.

You know, this is the perfect opportunity to throw off the yoke of "geeks" and "nerds". I could be the sites Bluto, we'll have Toga parties and I'll get you guys laid, finally.

I'm gonna go home now and pout.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?