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people just don't give the Egyptians enough credit where credit is clearly due.

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No people are realistic and although smart for there time the educated Egyptian elite had about the knowledge of a low level school student today.

I don't see any low level school students building any pyramids or coming up with plausible theories on how to.

As simple as some things are that people suggest the Egyptians could have done there is simply no evidence such things ever crossed there minds.

And there's no evidence such things didn't cross their minds.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

One thing does remain though, the pyramids. They were built, question is how. Remember, I don't claim that my theory, twiwdi, (the way I would do it), is how the pyramids were built. I've just come up with a way it could have been done and I ain't seeing anyone tell me where I'm wrong.

Gonna skip a little of Orac's swill as it's redundent and has been already shot down.

These guys had the wheel

Really? That's news to me. Got any evidence of this?

so why don't we just say they built big carts to move the blocks.

And what sort of materials could said carts have been made of given that some of the blocks used to build the pyramids weighed up to 80 tons?

They also have beams, trusses and ropes, so why don't we say they built cranes to lift the blocks.

They could have. It is said they did have the pully, but again what do you make a pully out of that can stand such stresses? Then consider that the pyramid is made from 2.3 million blocks averaging 2 1/2 tons. So you don't have to pick each block up once. There's I think some 209 levels to the pyramid. Do the math.

They have glass so in theory they can build a laser.

You start your post saying that the Egyptian elite had the level of a low level school student yet now you have them building lasers?

Call me a cynic but history records the Egyptians spent a lot of time positioning some blocks for some mummified dead people

The Pharaohs were a tad more than just some dead people. To the Egyptians they were gods on earth.

and were reasonable farmers.

Bought time you got sumpin correct.

However when they encountered the Roman empire they were completely defeated and annexed as a territory. Whatever technology they had the Romans was better.

The height of the Egyptian Empire was somewhere around 1,400 BC. The height of the Roman Empire was somewhere around 100 AD. So...

All anyone now gets to see or remember of the civilization is the positioned blocks, mummies and trinkets ... but the romance lives on.

Not so much romance to me. More like I'm trying to figure how they worked a well run job site.


You know, Orac, if you are looking for a nice intellectual beatdown this is the thread for you. But if you think you have the mental capacity to play in my sandbox you are WAY outta your league.
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