Oh Thank The Lord. Not only a fellow senior member, but also a fellow human being.

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Hi Marchimedes

How do?

Good to see you drop by. Congrats on the view count.

Between you and I, KirbyG, as so so-called proud as I am about my view count, it's really not so big of a deal to me as it is as a vehicle to agitate those that are easily agitated by such things. Not so much this site but at many others I find the more bizarre, nasty, arrogant, confrontational, controversial, humorous (I laugh at my own jokes so that counts as humorous, right?) insulting and on and on and on I am the more that folks read me. Now, when I first started in on the interweb I experimented at buku various sites with various personas and I found that the more horrible I was the greater the interest. A very dim commentary on the human condition I say but there ya go. In the end I went with me. My honesty, my true feelings. I can be far worse. Back when I was feeling this out I went to making jokes about Nazis making lamp shades out of human skin. Don't get me wrong, the fellow I was making jokes at was a Nazi. I pulled that one off. Somehow I made jokes about that and in the same breath destroyed that monster with text. The jokes were funny and salient but it was too much for most people. Round then I decided where about I need to come down at.

Yes, I have been drinking, currently. I enjoy drinking heavily at least ever two weeks or so.

Hence the truth.

Very hard to slur in text.

I guess what with my Ocar replies and all that the cat is outta the bag.

So, 131 relies into this gig the jig is up.

But then I've repeatedly in this thread linked to my political thread.

But then I'm doing a new thing tonight. I'm crossing sites. I've 131 posts or so at this site, but I've way more than 10,000 posts at the afore linked site. Here I'm about 330,000 views, there about 420,000 views. A vastly different posts/views ratio. I'm insanely interested in why this disparity is. I'm insanely interested in the difference between you people and the people at that internet political debate forum. I'm also interested in when I'm all drunk like I am now why that seems to garner more interest.

No, I'm not a shrink, I'm not a philosopher, I'm not a clergy, I'm not a politician, I'm blue collar. I repair, install and destroy things. I'm a tool user. I'm a low voltage technician, I'm a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, a mechanic, a craftsman, a honorably discharged Army veteran, a Christian, a Father, I am a Libertarian Yankee W.A.S.P.

This idiot savant ability of mine to reach out into the interweb and get folk of varying disciplines to read my rambling rants bemuses me to no end. I have an audience, I have followers, I have sycophants, I have serial liars and detractors who pester me to no end, I have buku multitudes of morons that tell me "you suck", "you are wrong", all without the ability to tell me exactly where I am wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I am the quintessential example of big fish in a little pond. Or, as I'm wont to say "a shark in a shot glass."

I wonder what is wrong with you people that you read me.

Look at the last 24 hours. I bring a friggin Monkey in a space suit flinging feces in a empty universe and at this little dog and pony show that's worth over 300+ views. Yes, I pay attention to these things. Says more about you than me.

Now, KirbyG, this kinda stuff is standard teacher/Marchimedes fare at that other web site so it's not your fault.

Always a good read.

Why thank you, that was very kind of you to say.

Note to self: Do not hit submit, in some way this was supremely embarrassing.

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?