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[quote=Marchimedes]I am never going to say that the big bang created existance itself.


So we are good there, I guess.

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Cause space is really nothing.

You find it difficult to conceive of a 'nothing' that doesn't include space? Physicists don't yet know what space is, so you call it nothing. But I suspect that its structure will be discovered.

Well, gives you sumpin to get outta bed for.

I have trouble imagining that it has ANY structure. I say it's infinate nothing with matter in it here and that is us.

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Really, I'm going with at this point that the expansion is actually stopping

Why? Observations show the expansion of space to be accelerating.

From our point of view.

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Do you really think I'm going to go back and edit drawings?

No, but why post junk?

Junk? Damn, that's little harsh. Plenty of good stuff in there to make folks think. So 14.5 bilions years is still there, it affects the theory not at all. beside if I change the image, then I have to repost the image. New files, image downloads, and while I'm in there I'm bound to think of sumpin else, it will never end.


Your little site here has 90,ooo views of people reading junk.

That's a lot of stupid people.

And I'm the leader.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?