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Miss me? 689k and change. Lemme go check...

Last time I was here and checked the tally it was 2/3/16 and the tally was 547k and change. Math anyone? Me likie.

This one should splain itself.


Did a little looking around but couldn't find one, which seems odd to me. What I was looking for was a dry contact relay that would switch cable on or off. That is, apply or drop power (preferably 12vdc) to open close a switch that would connect/disconnect your basic cable wire, you know, like for your TV or internet as most folks use coaxial cable/RF/RG6 to get their internet. Or the same thing for fiber optic or phone line. This so is one could physically connect/disconnect the internet hard wire going to a computer.

Seems to be a lot of hacking going on these days. This is a simple idea to do away with a lot of that. I'm gonna use a basic burglar alarm that is remote accessible by phone with programmable outputs as this is a very cheap and common device. System looks like this...

And here's how it works: Say you've a sensitive PC/server, well, if hack boy has your address he can get to your PC and if he knows what's what he can have his way with it next thing you know little willie's gay circus midget orgy porn pics are on the net for all us us to see. Hack boy can get to your PC cause it is directly hard wired to the internet. What the switch relay does is physically cut the connection. If the authorized guy wants to remote access this PC he calls the alarm via phone line with his PC, enters the password to the alarm and switches on or off the applicable programmable output and THEN he can access the remote PC/server via his PC with yet another password. Sure, this all can be hacked BUT...

said hacker has to know that there is a switch relay, has to know the phone number to the alarm (let alone has to know that there is an alarm panel that controls this) that controls the switch relay and also has to be able to hack the alarm and has to know which programmable output to turn on or off.

That's pretty much it.

Trust me, folks, I'm a low voltage genius. I was putting alarm systems in banks back when the means of alarm transmission was polarity reversal.

I've gots more on this but ya'll morons are confusified enough as it is.


I'll be a Monkey's Butler, looks like this post is working so far. I know, it's not universe and it's not pyramid construction. Not to worry, I'm still thinking about those other two(2) but I'm so bored with all that. I understand the off topic debate and all that but then it is my thread, correct? Unless ya'll live in a cave much like the cave where I keep a guy for screaming at my internet time is pretty much exclusively taken up debating politics. I'm a Libertarian. If ya'll think I'm obnoxious here can you imagine me debating politics at a site where I rule just as large as I do here AND am admin? It's horrible, look away.

Anyway, one of my politic things I've been screaming long time is a list I have, I call it "teacher's (my OTHER screen name) list of ideas to cure America's ills." List starts like this...

1. Term limits.

As in congressional term limits. You know where to find my political rants but the other day Trump came out with his 100 day deal and what was the #1 thing he would push for?

Wait for it...

Term limits.

Off course I'm all for Trump, not the point. Point ya'll should take away is that I say Mother government is broken and has been long time. These jerks are too well ensconced, gots too much power, gots too many pals, anti-trust type rules should apply to politicians also.

And before some of you socialists go all crazy you should take notice that term limits applies to Republicans just the same as it does to democrats.

No, I didn't show up here just before the election to go all politics. Just looks that way. I finally wrote up that switch relay post for my other site and thought that is just fine for here so I show up here and you know how I am once I gets to typing.

Term limits, man. Run them ALL outta town on a rail. What I'm saying here is that Trump agrees with what I been saying cents forever.

And then there's Shrillary with her hacked email stuff and it's all just serendipitous, ain't it?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?