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Little sumpin I posted elsewhere today...

Another little thought experiment on the speed of light. You know how they say that as you approach the speed of light time is relative? That is if I got into my spaceship the HMS Blowme and went close to the speed of light for a while that when I came back to earth more time would have passes for you than for me? They say they proven this by putting clocks on spaceships and stuff. I wonder. As you know from my wonderful universe expansion acceleration posts the matter of the visible universe is bolting away form all other matter. That would mean that we on earth's time is different from other places in the universe. I guess if you were to plant yourself down in the spot of the big bang then that should be the place where time goes by more slowly than if you where on any of the matter that exists.

Or how about this...?

The Earth is 93 million miles away from the sun, one astronomical unit. AU. Light (a photon?) that escapes the surface of our star and heads our way takes 8 minutes to get here. So that light is traveling at, well, the speed of light, we view that photon when it gets here as taking 8 minutes to have made that journey. How long did it take from the photons point of view? I don't know, still mulling this one over. Like I always say, I have problems wrapping my mind around Einstein's theory of relativity.

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?