It worked. I'll type a tad longerer this time and check again.

Here's the deal: I forgot my password. Did the request new password about a gazillion times, nuttin. Wrote the contact us thing, twice, politely (hey, I have that capacity) never got a reply. Tried again tonight with the request new password and here I be.

First of all, sorry about all the little black x's that are supposed to be my buku hours of drawings. They all gone, mang. I've been thieved twice, a laptop went poof, a flash drive died and two, count em', two image hosting sites let me down. I guess in this digital age I should have taken pen to paper.

Now the good news...


Now that is a ratio of posts/replies ratio I am proud of. This thread is neck and neck with my political thread elsewhere and I'm thousands of posts there. Why, between the two of them I'm almost at a million views for two stinkin threads.

Yea, that's correct, still the same charm and humility.

Some more good news...

I'm more smarter than ever. I'm better at drawing stuff, I'm more polished, I know more words, I can still drink anybody under the table, I can still eat my weight in chicken wings and I'm working very hard tonight at getting drink.

Yet more good news...

I found an old CD at my Dad's house with some drawings on it.

Submit test #The Deuce.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?