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Things seem to have gone far afield
Ah, so the universe is expanding grin

OMG you should be ashamed of yourself.


You've been over this at least once before, Marchi, and you continue to insist that the Big Bang was a conventional kind of explosion in which matter was expelled into a pre-existing space. That is not the way of it (according to "they"). The Big Bang was the origin of all our universe including space.

I am never going to say that the big bang created existance itself.

That space expanded, carrying the contents with it.

I say space is infinate, and probably was allready there. Cause space is really nothing. I can live with nothing being there already.

Which helps to account for the fact that, on the large scale (strings of galaxy superclusters), the universe looks to be much the same everywhere - taking into account the fact that we look into the past.

"They who are called they" also tell that the age of the universe is estimated to be about 13.7b yrs, not the 14.5b that you keep insisting on.

At the time I wrote the first space theory is was 14.5 or this or that. Not until recentlyhas it been nailed down to 13.7. Do you really think I'm going to go back and edit drawings?

You might as well get it right - heaven knows what will happen to your theories if you don't grin On the other hand, what's a billion yrs between friends?

Bah, numbers, math, don't amount to a hill of beans with my space theories. Don't need all that for my explanation.

You may have discovered by now that quasars have been identified as young galaxies. They appear young because we see them as they were billions of years ago. Those quasars might now be galaxies like the Milky Way. And in those galaxies may be astronomers observing the Milky Way as it was 10 billion yrs ago - possibly as a quasar.

I'm fine with all that, notice I am on theory #3 right now.

What lies beyond the visible universe is, obviously, unknown; but as far as I know there's no reason to believe that it's different to the visible part. If it is the same, then it seems that 'at this moment' there would be no quasars.

I'm fine with that also. Beyond visible space maybe be more stuff, buteventually there is just nothing, or what I call space.

Really, I'm going with at this point that the expansion is actually stopping, the interior of the matter buble is slowing down faster than the exterior becasue of te gravitaional pull of the matter on the opposite side of the buble. Our visible universe is being strectched, or the lung of the universe has finished filing and is jkust starting to exhale.

Expl;ain to me how thi idea does not mesh with all present gravitaional and physics laws and exlains all that we see withoutsome stinkin voodoo like dark energy.

See? No math.
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