what I cant understand is why would the invading armies
need to use the battering ram depicted in the below image
its obvious from the size of the door that the peoples
inside the fortified structure were midgets and the invaders
were clearly tall enough to simply step over the walls.

also: everyone should know that the ancient self serving
peoples mostly always carved pictures into stone
of things that never happened way back then because
they had nothing better to do with their time so they
invented these pictures to make it appear that they
did accomplish things at times or at least did try to.

battering rams were usually very heavy and these people
could not possibly have had the technology to cut down
a tree to use as a battering ram and if they did then
they certainly would not have wanted the battering ram
to roll very fast ... what would be the point of that?

and history archeologist have so rightfully
explained to us just how stupid these ancient peoples
were and how the best way to move something is to use
several thousands of people to pull the battering ram with ropes into the door but in my opinion because Im not certain that they were smart enough to make a rope as rope making would have been way above their technological ability
... I believe that instead of using ropes , they simply
held each others hands and pulled on the tree until the
door opened up or the midgets opened the door out of pity.

so the wheels under the battering ram were added through some
misguided inventors imagination as he was thinking of some
way to make it appear that they actually accomplished things
of notability.

I certainly did not fall for this one.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.