no what I mean is what I said.

I know that it is extreamly hard to do but matter and energy is not constant.

energy can be drained from matter by reducing the temperature of matter until all of the electrons slow to almost the point of zero energy.
In a hot gas atoms are moving around with the increased kinetic energy inherent in their temperature.

as temperature approaches zero kelvin energy approaches constant.

for the most part the energy that is inherent in matter is due to its environment or surroundings.

a piece of ice is moving , it has energy.

but not moving as fast as it would were it boiling water.

the reason ice forms is because the slowing of electrons.

the surrounding temperatures drop the electrons move inwards to the center they give off heat (energy).

the bonding of atoms also decrease as temperatures drop.
steel becomes brittle in extreme temperatures.

the matter has not changed.

the matters energy has.

when the steel comes close to a object that is warmer than itself it will become warmer and stronger.

unless it is too hot and the steels electrons go into a much higher orbit and the bond becomes weaker and weaker and this results in the steel melting.

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