for your attention, consideration, putting up with my flake azz.

There will be more.

Pyramids, obelisks, the moving and stacking of buku heavy stuff is so terestrial. I've a handle on it all, drawing it up is just so much work.

How do I get paid for this?

How long have I been giving it up for free?

It's boring to me, now.

Still thinking, there is no doubt that I see space as infinate, the dispersial of matter within it, not so much.

So I don't spell so well. Nuttin new there.

Ya'll got the links and stuff, you with me?, the sphere, the visible universe has to be like the skin of an expanding ball, we only get to see a tiny part of it, what is the speed of gravity?

Is the speed of gravity c or now?

Then apply those two speeds to our sphere.

Throw inflation theory in there.

At some point there should be greater than c speeds.

That's a bunch of variables there, eh?

Put em' all in your mind, mix em' up and tell me why the need for dark energy or dark matter?

Welcome to my world.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?