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Marchimedes: "Time travel my ass. The paradox alone eliminates the posibility unless you allow for multiple timelines and then, ah [censored], sorry, very busy with multiple stuff."

Glad to see you entering into a discussion with Paul. That might be interesting - when you're not employing your genius elsewhere grin

And multiple timeline lead to folks messing with time in those other timelines and then, well you pretty much have to assume there are INFINITE timelines, or parallel universes, of which there is zero evidence of no matter how often some LSD tripping physisist claims it so.

Now, infinate is a hellofa word if you look at it's literal meaning.

Infinate universes. Wrap your brain around that for a while and you kinda start to run outta room. Say in the next universe over my good bud Marchimedes didn't go back and add the "u" to the word "outta" left it "otta" and that is the only difference between that universe and this universe ever. EVER. What's the point?

Time travel my ass.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?