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So on a science forum you are generally dealing with trying to understand things

And here we are in a General Science Discussion Forum.


or challenge science.

I seem to be doing some of that now, just wait.

Handyman I guess we best describe as layman engineers, they are trying to implement things without a formal qualification but using lots of experience. I believe that describes you.

Quite well.

So lets make this real simple, why do you want a Scientist to discuss this not an Engineer?
The extension question to that is, on this forum how can we help you?

Are archeologistest scientists or engineers?

I really don't care. All I'm looking for if for my theory to be checked. I think I'm more betterer served by being checked by scientists AND engineers.

So just what is your problem? YOu don't like whiich forum I cose to put this thread in? As this thread has been in this forum cents 2007 you are a tad late with your complaint. You do understand there is more in this thread than pryamids, right?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?