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Worldly word of advice you mental genius I survived death squads and political interrogation in my homeland

Ah, so you can take a beating. This is fortunate as I can hand one out.

As you have already seen.

You haven't answered any questions, you haven't disproven anything I've said, pretty much as far as I can see you are nuttin but a snot nosed punk with a keyboard for a penis.

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For those interested and not lazy you could actually read a good layman breakdown


Listen, genius, if I wanted to know what someone at some other website thought I'd go to some other website.

I'm here with original thoughts, ideas, theories. I don't post what someone else has already conjectured, that would be dreadfully boring, kinda like you.

You're here cause if you went out into public with your tough man internet persona little girls would kick the crap outta you.

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Since the monkey and his departed dung are the only objects in Monkey Universe, with no other points of reference, it's meaningless to talk of which stops first.

You could have just said you don't know instead of trying to cover up your ignorance with a bunch of crap in attempt to insult me and deflect from the actual side question at hand.

I really don't care what you THINK is meaningless. I wonder what the answer is and as you pack of naysayers don't play well with others I'll go ahead and give my common sense layman shot at it.

Monkey has more mass than the feces so the feces would slow down more quickerer and halt.

And since your monkey is such an ace pitcher, they would be well beyond mutual escape velocity, and never the twain shall meet.

Empty universe, remember? Are you telling me that at some certain distance gravity no longer has any affect on objects? I understand the inverse square rule at work here, but to my understanding the amount of affect of gravity on mutual objects in an empty universe will NEVER be zero. It may be trillions of years into the future and trillions of light yeas apart but at some time gravity will overcome velocity. We are not talking about a rocket escaping Earth's orbit. Please to try to read ALL the words.

The two objects approaching c - from the point of view of a stationary observer - would each gain mass approaching infinity. To accelerate them to c would take energy x time = infinity. In other words, it's not going to happen.

I never said nuttin about an observer. I gots two hyper massive black holes here, I used them cause they have a fair amount of gravitational pull. The closer they get to each other the greater the effect of their gravitational pull is on each other. There's your friggin energy right there. And time? Not a factor, as before with the Monkey.

What you need to do is show proof that over distance that gravity has no longer any affect.

You didn't do that.

Folks, I'm The friggin Man. I've snatched 330,000+ views with 128 posts. What we have here is mosquitos pestering Hercules cause said mosquitos ain't Hercules.

And a note to the mosquitos: You morons might to be more careful about the swill you spew. See, folks are reading this thread and all you have done is put your idiocy on display to the maximum amount of readers this site has.

But by all means keep at it. I'm barely into my "B" game dealing with you rejects and the more you continue with your benign pestering the more I'll up my game and the more stupider you'll look which though hard to envision I have no doubt you moth breathers can do.

Thanks for playing. Thanks for the views. Thanks for the opportunity to garner more views, glorious views.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?