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to me though , if chariots are found INSIDE the tombs of
several of the pharaohs that seals my belief that chariots were in common use in Egypt as the pyramids were being constructed if the pyramids were intended as burial places
for those pharaohs ... and that also tells me that the Egyptians had the wheel for quite some time as the wheels found on the chariots inside the tombs had advanced 6 spoke
wheels on them.

The question here is: when did the Egyptians get wheels? If the chariots you mention are from the tombs in the Valley of the Kings they are from the New Kingdom, from the 16th to the 11th century BCE. The Pyramids date from the Old and Middle Kingdoms. The Middle Kingdom ended around 1700 BCE. So having a chariot in one of those tombs does not prove that the Egyptians had the wheel during the construction of the pyramid.

And of course having the wheel would not necessarily indicate that it was used in the construction of the pyramids. It would take an enormous quantity of wheels to build a transporter for stones the size used in the pyramids. The more likely way is to use people pulling on ropes. People were generally available and the technology was well within the capability of the Egyptians of the time. Ramps are easy to construct, given enough manual laborers to carry the dirt. So I will say that, while I might be wrong, I figure it was done by large groups of people with ropes.

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