Remember, folks, this site seriously downsizes my drawings that why I'm posting drawings at my political site. I've asked and asked and asked for help with this dilema to no avail. The ammount of work I would have to do to break images up and post them here sos they would be readable is sumpin I care not to do. The links I'll be posting will take you to my thread at, thread titled "...and the horse you rode in on. My links shall take you right to the drawings, you don't have to be bothered with my politics. I stongly suggest, especialy if you aren't a constitutional conservative, to NOT stray away from the linked drawings. Don't say I didn't warn you. I'd far rather be able to post large drawings here, but there ya go.

First off is a drawing revision about the propect of creating a vacuum with fire. I did my drawing, asked a bud, a good ol' boy with solid mechanical reasoning to give it a go over, he failed me not thus the revision. Also remember, when you see this image...

I'm lettin you know that the link takes you to a different site. Fair warning. Now would be one of those times...

In this case scroll down two posts to see good ol' boys answer. It's rather ammusing. Good ol' boy is known as Chuck!, I call him lowrent.


Now, we are gettin into the weeds a bit here in this thread. It would take a lot of time to address ropes, ships, wheels, bearings, axles, the casting of metal and on and on and on.

Not to mention helicopters and spaceships.

We gots all the time in the world to go over these ancillary things and you know me, we'll get to them all but I'm making an exuctive decision here to get to the meat. I shall do one more post before gettin to twiwdi to answer a recent post by Orac as I find it ammusing.

Remember, the recent topic in this thread is how I would have built the pryamids. Not saying this is how it was done, oh yea, and after Orac one more post that should alleviate some minds.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?